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Fireworks Display on Sat Night July 9th 2011 – Come on out!!

Welcome to the new and improved Tamarac Marina at High Rock Lake. We have been working hard the past 12 months at upgrading the facility and adding helpful services. We now have a full service restaurant, gas on both the water and the ramp area, a new campground, a fully stocked tackle and grocery store, and many other amenities that will make your trip to High Rock Lake even better! Located just before the bridge on Bringle Ferry Road, Tamarac Marina offers just 15 minute access off I-85, so its never been easier to come see us. We are available seven days a week, as you can call us at 704-636-1918, or email us at



Things to Consider When Ordering Signs Melbourne

Things to Consider When Ordering Signs Melbourne

As a business owner, there are many instances when you may need to order signs Melbourne. Some may need to be rather durable for long-term use, and others may be needed for promotional purposes for only a few days. If you are in the market to invest in new signs Melbourne for your business, you may consider a few points to ensure that you get the best results.

One of the first things you need to think about when ordering signs Melbourne is the overall design. Consider how large your sign will be, and this may help you to determine what size of font you will need. Think about how far away your target audience will be when they view your sign, and ensure that your font is large enough to be seen from that distance.

Second, think about the overall material that you will use for your signwriters Melbourne company – Everything from corrugated cardboard to vinyl can be used with most signs. Vinyl signs can be used as banners commonly, and corrugated cardboard may be used for sign-turners to hold or placed on stakes in the ground. Think about how you will position and secure your signs before you decide which material to use.

A final point to consider is if the signs will need to be re-used, stored or displayed for a long period of time. Larger signs are easier to store away when not in use if they are vinyl, and this is because the vinyl material can be rolled compactly. Signs that will be exposed to the elements should be made with high-quality materials and should be durable enough to retain their color when exposed to UV rays, rain and more. Even if you plan to use your signs infrequently and to store them away from time to time, remember that some dying techniques can fade over time.

When you have plans to order signs Melbourne, a great idea is to work with a professional sign design and printing service. The company can help you to design and create the perfect signs for your needs. This may be a short-term or long-term need, but you want to ensure that the signs that you order will fully meet all of your needs.

RCG Courses Sydney Residents Need To Offer Responsible Gambling Services

If you’re interested in offering responsible gambling services in Sydney, it’s important that you take official RCG Courses. To get a basic understanding regarding what these courses are and how they will assist you both personally and professionally, consider the brief yet thorough overview that appears in the subsequent paragraphs:

Course Overview

The RCG Courses Sydney from residents need to complete provide one day, face to face training. The courses cover how to provide responsible gambling services and are referred to with the acronyms RCG and RGS. The training courses are ideal and advised for any individual who wants to work in a NSW gambling business. The course’s primary objective is to offer participants the knowledge and experiences required to successfully offer the general public responsible gambling services.

Course Entry Requirements

At this time, the RCG Courses Sydney program involves no entry requirements. However, it’s important to note that individuals who wish to offer gambling services in NSW must be at least 18 years old to do so legally.

Course Concepts

The RCG course typically covers three basic areas:

-Legislation for gambling in NSW
-The guidelines for offering responsible gambling services
-Your role and responsibility in preventing addiction amongst gamblers

Outcome Of The Course

Once you successfully complete the course, you’ll be granted a Statement of Attainment. You will also receive a photo card indicating your competency from the NSW Trade & Investment Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing. Those individuals who are successful in passing the course will also attain an interim certificate from the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR). This interim certificate enables you to begin offering gambling services immediately. The OLGR will then proceed to give you a photo competency card. The fees for the photocard are covered by the training fee, so there will be no additional costs.

Wrapping It All Up

The gambling field is an exciting, dynamic one that can be both fun and financially rewarding. To ensure that you can offer gambling services legally and with excellence, it’s critically important that you take the RCG course. In so doing, you’ll be prepared to work with integrity and exceptionalism. Good luck!